David Taylor Seneca, South Carolina

This dirtbag has a long line of married women he has bagged and dumped. As soon as he got my wife to give the goods he was already working the next one. This was absolutely devastating to our family. We have 3 kids ages 8 to 16. If not for my faith I would have hurt someone long ago. Put the word out avoid this trash at all costs.

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6 thoughts on “David Taylor Seneca, South Carolina

  1. Not much to go on here, but it sounds like this man is more of a “player” rather than an intentional “I’m going to steal your spouse type of homewrecker”. He uses these women for sex. Could your wife have been more vulnerable and saw a future with this man? You don’t really say. Men like that aren’t looking for soulmates, just sex. It’s probably more of a challenge for him to see how many wives he can corrupt. He doesn’t want the emotional attachment though, but he likes the attention…

  2. She probably wanted some of his big one and once she got it then she was craving more of it and he moved on after he got her hooked on his big one!!!

  3. Move on. There’s too many good women out there to be worried about one who can’t keep her legs closed. It sounds like this asshole sleeps around a lot. He’s a spinless coward who knows he’s not man enough to actually satisfy a woman. If he stays longer than a night or two she will see that he’s a shallow bitch this is why he hits it and splits. If your wife was dumb enough to fall fo this guy just because he smiled at her and showed her a little attention then she’s not a keeper! She just showed you who she really is…an attention seeking whore with no respect for you or herself. Move on before you end up with aids.

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