Frank P. Nemick Pueblo, Colorado

I am the husband of female cheater. To give you a little background on the two of them before we start into the story. The (him) homewrecker, Frank Nemick. Frank is 54 years old been married for 32 years to his wife, Tina lisa Nemick, both lived in Beulah Co, Very close to Pueblo. Frank was a retired Pueblo firefighter, and worked at my wife’s school as a truancy officer, My wife was 31 at the time, ( A HUGE age gap ) and she was a teacher. Frank began coming into my wifes classroom, first it was professional, dealing with troubled kids in her class. Sometime around mid Oct 2012 it began to turn sexual. Frank would make very inappropriate jokes, and gestures, for example telling her that she had a great ass, and made sexual innuendos. For some unknown reason she became turned on by this nasty bald headed freaks jokes and innuendo’s. For a little history on my wife and I. We lived in Phoenix and I had been trying for many years to work for Uncle Sam and have a very high paying job. Well the time had come in March of 2012, I moved to Colorado by myself to work for a few months, get established, and allow her to finish teaching at her school. In June 2012 my two wonderful children and Michelle moved out to Colorado. She applied for a teaching job in Pueblo and was hired to teach at one of the Pueblo elementary schools. I had one full time job and one part time job. I work as a firefighter/ paramedic, so my shifts required me to be gone overnight.

As their relationship began to grow, she began spending more and more time at school. Going in very early so he could bring her a cup of coffee and share their life stories, and would stay late, long after all the kids had gone home unbeknownst to me. In late Oct. we had traveled up to Denver for a “special overnight trip” just to get away, We had an argument in the hotel room, and our marriage had been very rocky for the past several weeks, I had reached my boiling point, and during the argument I had asked her if she wanted a divorce, she immediately said yes, (I now know why she answered so quickly) Our Denver trip was over before it even started, we left the hotel and headed for home. During the drive home she said some very hurtful things to me and it was reciprocated. We had left our two boys with my mother in Pueblo, as we arrived in our hometown we swung by my mother’s house to pick up the boys. After we had got home our argument continued, and little to my knowledge she had called him on her cell phone and put him on speaker phone so he could listen to our argument. She eventually had sent him a text and told him to come pick her up. She tells me that Frank was coming to pick her up and take her to a hotel for the night. (Hardly the case) I let her walk out the door without incident. She came home the next morning and tells me that she didn’t have any money to stay at a hotel and ended up staying at Frank’s house. This is when I found out that his wife was up in Boulder for 2 days and was not at home when she spent the night. When she got home, I had asked her the usual questions regarding her stay.

She told me they had talked and she had spent the night the guest bedroom. As the husband I had told her to stay away from this guy from now on because he was trouble. Over the next month I would find phone calls to and from him in our phone history, as well as texts. I continued to tell her that I would not compete with another man. We either needed to move on separately or she needed to tell him to stay away from her. She continued to tell me that there was nothing going on, and I had nothing to worry about, because he was too old for her and he was ugly!

One thing that we never did when we got married was exchange vows, I had decided to write my vows to my wife, and had given them to her somewhere around the end of Nov. She took a trip out of state shortly thereafter, and told me that she would write her vows while she was on the plane. She did write them while she was one the plane, while emailing her new lover! This was later verified by finding her emails. Mid Dec. 2012 while she was taking a shower, her phone made a sound, the sound when an email comes through on your phone. I was curious, so I picked up her phone and to my surprise it was Frank Nemick. This emailed talked about how his wife was still “lurking” around his house and couldn’t wait until she left so he could talk to her, and ended the email with an “ I love you”. Once she got out of the shower I confronted her about the email and asked if she loved him? Her response was “sometimes I think I do”.
Still trying to fix my marriage, I continued to wonder why this was happening to me and trying to make since of all of it. All the while she told me that he was nice to her and it was nothing more than just a friendship. She continued to go into work early and stay late.

Mid Dec. 2012- While she was sleeping I “borrowed” her phone and began looking through it, hidden in the deleted email cache I had found every single email that was ever sent or received. In one of the emails (that I will attach so everyone can see) CLEARLY spelled it out. They had in fact had sex, and depicted how she liked being on top, and how he wanted to see her do it again. Armed with this proof, I woke her up and showed her the email. Yet another lie, I read the emails to her word for word, the email that stated “I can’t wait to fuck you again” and her response was “AGAIN?” I must have mistyped that, we have never had sex and nothing ever happened!

I had spoken to Frank’s wife on the phone and explained to her what I had found, and I forwarded the emails to her. After reading through the emails, I found out that they had done specific sexual acts in her classroom, and Frank intended on being the “new” father of my two wonderful boys, and he couldn’t wait to marry her….ECT…ECT….

Dec. 25th 2012 Christmas, that evening I was looking for a new xmas toy that our youngest son had lost, I had found a pay as you go phone ( cricket ) hidden in between the box spring and the mattress of our bed. I initially thought that it was one of my sons old play phones, but this one actually turned on, I locked myself in the bathroom as I began to look through it. To my surprise it had Franks home phone and cell phone saved in it with a *67 before both numbers, so his wife Tina wouldn’t be able to see the number. I once again approached my wife and showed her the phone, only this time I had had enough. I told her that I couldn’t take this anymore and I was leaving her. She began to cry and “try” to explain her side, she told me that Frank had given her the phone on the last day of school just before the Christmas break, and because she was sick she had forgotten about it and didn’t even think of the repercussions that it might have by accepting this little gift from him.

I left the house for a while to cool down, and drove around town. During my drive I called Franks wife to let her know that he had bought her a “throw phone” and she told me that she would question him. I had also gotten a phone call from my wife telling me that she would get him to quit, as I explained to her, I would not accept that this time because of all of the lies and deceit, I would only accept her quitting her job and letting me support her. A month later she began her career as a stay at home mom. That’s when we started getting prank calls, and even threatening phone calls from Frank. She changed her phone number, and then she began getting harassing emails, including an email that stated he was coming over to talk to her and I had better not be there when he comes over. On that very day we had a break in. Someone had broken into our garage and trashed it, nothing was missing, but there were several items that were damaged. Our wedding pictures were broken and ripped; pictures of Michelle when she was younger were all ripped. The police were called and unfortunately were unable to do anything about it. The emails continued for some time. We also found out that Frank was fired from his job at the school because of sexual harassment of two female teachers, and he had also was going through a divorce from his wife.
It’s been almost a year later and I am still struggling to make since of it all, and not sure if I will ever forgive my wife for taking part in an affair. I am now living day by day trying to forgive her, but I remain strong for my 2 little boys.
In my eyes I consider Frank Nemick to be a sexual predator and he preys off of younger women, and he is a HOMEWRECKER.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read my story.


Sounds good!! Wednesday is our fuck day!!! I love u.
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On Nov 18, 2012, at 7:44 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
well I’ll see you at school tuesday, so maybe… but I will probably have to go shopping for groceries wednesday sooo, maybe we should fuck instead of grocery shop!

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 7:42 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
have another margarita and CALL!!!
On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 7:40 PM, Michelle wrote:
He works tues/wed. Which day can I fuck you????!!!!! I’m NOT calling!!! Wish I could hear ur sexy voice. I want you so flipping bad babe!
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On Nov 18, 2012, at 7:35 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
so what is you know whos schedule this week?
On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 7:34 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
prove you have had two and call in some phone sex!
On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 7:33 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
I know you like being on top! reason enough to keep you on the bottom! show me at your own peril!
love you you #%$^& brat!

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 6:55 PM, Michelle wrote:
It’s a cute light pink coat! One margarita into my night. It should only take 2 to get me liquored up :) you should know by now I’m not a tease…I can always show you again!!! You know I don’t mind being on top!!!

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On Nov 18, 2012, at 6:51 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
and just what kind of warm coat could they possibly have in Tucson?!

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 6:50 PM, Frank Nemick wrote:
your just a tease girl! have enough margaritas and you wont care if you sposed to or not ;



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  1. Omg you are amazing husband. I am sorry its women like your “wife” that make me sick. I really hope everything works out not only for your 2 boys but for you. You have so much love I hope she realizes this. Best of luck.

  2. Seriously is his wife attractive because I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole! He looks like those creepers that sit in a store and just stare at all the young girls that walk by!!!! They should of put a picture of the wife because now I am curious as hell!

    • Married cheaters tend to be more desperate and less picky, since most people don’t want to get involved with them or their drama. They take what they can get, that’s why they downgrade, not always, but most of the time. I hope he stops bothering this family and that the wife cut off all communication with him 100% .

  3. So glad that he lost his job. Karma is a bitch. I hate that sometimes it takes awhile for it to hit. Just think – if any future employer googles his name they will find this post. Hardy-Har -Har!

  4. game doesn’t require beauty. He got out manned. Learn how to deep stroke your wife maybe she won’t stray. caused if she slept with the beat in Colorado, she was giving it up in Arizona before she moved up with you.

    • How old are you little boy? Keep thinking some “deep stroke” will keep a woman from straying and you will lose your woman to a man with nothing more than the ability to stimulate her mind with good conversation forcing you to “self stroke”.

  5. I think that guy Frank is ugly as Hell, your wife must be really homely to want to fool with that! I don’t consider Frank a sexual predator, though, your wife is a grown woman and could have said no. Why don’t you get rid of her, she is not to be trusted and will do it again, the next time you don’t get down and kiss her ass! Btw, there are lots of nice respectful women out there, your wife is a sleeze bag just as much as this man. Why the Hell would you want to support her, she does not deserve that, it is women like this that truly make me gag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. I have to agree with Chris, She undoubtably cheated on you in Arizona. Dude you need to leave this skanky SLUT and find you a woman who loves you for you, and one that you can trust. She did it once, or twice or who the fuck knows how many times she has done this to you, but the answer to this one is LEAVE THIS SKANK WITH BALDY

  7. Once a cheater- Always a cheater, and this applies to the both of them. Hunny pick your self up by your boot straps and leave her…..BTW….I’m one of the single ladies out there that enjoys a man in a uniform! *WINK,WINK*

  8. I can’t help but to wonder what the wife looks like because this man is disgusting, and looks like he stinks. Idk how you touch her after she touched that. Kudos to you for trying to make things work with her.

  9. Take your wife to an eye doctor. If her eyes are ok, then take her to have her head examined. Is your wife pretty at all or is she over weight and insecure? I just don’t get it. If I were you I’d feel very insecure about how I looked if she went for someone like that. Please post a picture of her, we all need to know, lol. I’d have to go and beat his ass and beat it good. Think about it, that freak had his dick in your wife’s pussy! Ugh!! What’s worse than that is if they had oral sex! OMG! If your wife reads this, What the fuck is wrong with YOU?!?! You must smoke some pretty good weed! LMAO!

    To the husband, I hope you leave your wife. If she’d fuck that where does her standards start and stop. You’d have to be worried about every ugly freak in the country and there are a lot them include this freak! Lol. Move on, take custody of your boys, and find a young piece of pussy. Your wife is nothing but trash.

    • If you give me your email address I will send a pic of her, She is skinny and very pretty, but just not sure what the fuck otmail.comwas going on in her head to do this???? She said that he LISTENED TO HER!!!!!

  10. They are both trouble and your wife is such a liar that I don’t think you should have told her to quit her job and stay home, you should have stuck to your guns and walked out on her. She is one of those horrible manipulative women who swears she’s not lying through tears.

  11. Why don’t you dump your dirty whore of a wife & find a nice girl? You don’t deserve this :( come on! Mannup & leave this disgusting women. She’s not sorry, she’s only sorry she got caught

  12. I’m sorry you went through this. Listen, chances are your wife hss done this before and I have a feeling she will be doing this again. When she does please leave her. You and your boys deserve much better.

  13. Wilford Brimley ain’t lookin’ too hot. Don’t wait for her too do it again, man, cause she will. Go out and find the life you and your boys deserve. They’ll thank you for it later. Best of luck to you!

  14. Oh man! This affair could not have happened to a nicer guy hahaha JUST A QUESTION DID THEY TEACH YOU TO SPELL IN YOUR “GED” class because it’s SENSE not since :) you’re welcome



    • It is really scary that our kids are being educated by scumbags. I guess they are everywhere. Mr. Nemick must have gotten a prescription for Viagra. It has ruined many a marriage. It makes all the blood from the tiny brain go to the little penis. He is a blithering idiot. It’s so sad how many people are hurt because of scumbags. What’s up with these incredibly stupid women that are screwing him?

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