Keith O’Brien Millville, New Jersey

This pig…Yes, pig…A former Millville police officer/detective who is also married, had an affair with my wife. It started out as an emotional affair and then eventually led to physical. I had a gut feeling that my wife was up to no good and installed spyware onto her cell phone and our computer. And I discovered more than what I thought I would originally find, more than I could handle. I knew I would read things that would hurt but I didn’t think they would devastate me. I found thousands of messages between the two.

Messages from I love you’s to how he wanted her to not have sex with me, her damn husband so he could be the first one to enjoy her. I must admit, even though my wife was just as wrong as he was, he sure had a way to how he steps over the line. From the way everything unfolded, this was not his first victim and wouldn’t be his last.

One conversation between the two, he actually mentioned how him and his wife were going on a cruise. How, him and his wife planned the cruise before he fell “in love” with my wife and he didn’t want to go but since it was thousands of dollars, he’d suck it up and go. Also mentioned how maybe his wife would fall overboard and that would be the way they could end up together. Reading the messages, my wife told him not to say things like that and he blew it off as a joke. But, in my mind, I think if she was all for it, that “accident ” would have happened.

I finally confronted her and at first, she denied everything. After I showed her everything I had, there was no denying it anymore. She admitted to everything. As far as Keith, I confronted him via phone. His cowardly ass denied it all too. Told him I would be right over with all the proof to show his wife. He told me if I stepped foot on his property, he would use his gun and make it look like an accident and get away with murder. And well, him being a former police officer/detective, I’m sure he would most likely get away with it. So, I left it at that thinking one day, I will run into both him and his wife in a public store and confront him there where I know he wouldn’t pull out his gun and shoot. But, that has yet to happen and here we are, on this site and this is actually better to me because now everyone can read and see for themselves how this pig is.

Again, my wife is just as wrong but after reading all the messages which actually took me hours to read because there was so many, he’s a pro and knows how to get what he wants. PIG!!!! I hope his wife sees this and eventually, I’ll run into her and/or him and will be able to show it all!! This is just a short summary.

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64 thoughts on “Keith O’Brien Millville, New Jersey

  1. Sorry for the hurt you are feeling! I know all to well the reading of the thousands of text messages! I exposed the homewrecking whore Michelle DeVito from Millville also on she’s a homewrecker! Just wanted to let you know , you have been heard !! It will eventually get better

    • Leigh, my husband works in the state of nj doc.. Can you tell me what prison that Michelle is at now? I’m the one who putted Amy Lamkin from Newfield, Nj. I’m afraid my scumbag is doing it again also!

  2. What a dirt bag! I hope someone shows his wife too but I’m sure it’s be better if it were you and I hope they get the karma coming to both your wife and the Pig. I wonder if she knows how lucky she is that you didn’t throw her ass out because you deserve better!

  3. What’s his wifes name? We will be more than glad to tell her or send a link of this to her. Lol. She really needs to know though. I bet your wife was not his first or will be the last. She needs to know what a pig she’s married to.

  4. For the love of all that is Holy make sure someone other than your wife knows he threatened you! Give your proof to an attorney or family member other than your cheating ass wife. I swear he may just kill you sweetie! MAKE SURE SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR LYING WIFE HAS THE PROOF AND KNOWLEDGE OF HIS THREATS TO YOU! At least that way if he kills you for this post someone knows why because I guarantee your wife wouldn’t say shit about it, but run right back to him! PROTECT YOURSELF PLEASE! I am worried for your safety now.

    • I agree with Shocked which is why i too will share on fb. He’s one ugly azz pig & your wife is a whore. Dump her skanky azz.

      • Keep copies of everything. Do you have any recordings or anything of him admitting to the affair? Shame on this cop, granted he is human too, but he abused his power and authority. I have a graphic pic that a cop I briefly dated that he send me of him in his patrol car with his pecker out!

  5. The first thought I had when I saw his photo was “he’s a cop”. Unfortunately, stuff like this is a cancer to law enforcement. It’s sad and pathetic. And what’s even worse ( if it could be ) he was playing this woman the whole time. Men like that aren’t faithful to one woman. They have girls on the side for their girls on the side. She was probably his distraction and that’s all she ever would have been. Loser in a cruiser. Is he retired or what?? Looks awfully young to be retired. My darling, you don’t have to step foot on his property to make sure that his sweet wife knows what this man has been up to. Mail works. He can call foul all he wants to. Typical hide behind your FORMER employer because you want to be an idiot and can’t handle the fall out. He’ll try to play the whole game like you’re harassing him etc etc.. Prosecutors and his former department will see right through his bullshit. It won’t be their first rodeo with stuff like this. Promise. Good luck to you Sir, I am sorry that you have to go through this…

  6. He murdered a pregnant prostitute in millville, on 7th street they found her ran over in the parking lot of a car wash… some how a “crackhead” did it and is serving time… I’d LOVE to know where that “crackheads” vehichle is… you know the one that ran down the PREGNANT woman!!! JEESUS HE IS DISCUSTING. He also gets with LOWER FAMILY TYPE woman who are alil desperate and in need…. then does things to their teenage daughter and friends(chasing them around in his underwear, and then eventually WOO’ing them to sleep with him)…. he is gross!

    • He didnt murder my sis.. she wasnt pregnant … please dnt speak on things you do know.. nor was she murdered by a crackhead.. his name was Joseph Chester.. who actually got away with it anf latter fell from a tree and died ..
      And by the way.. Her name isnt PROSTITUTE.. it was Michelle Marquez.. who is greatly missed by her mother.. her kids .. her sisters.. brother and friends … regardless of what she did.. she was mg sister.. and a great friend… !!!!

  7. You really should take steps to protect your self. Being threatened by a 20 year veteran of the police department isn’t something anyone should take lightly! Especially with the comment about his wife having an accident on the cruise. Obviously if this guy is so quick to make these kinds of statements he is putting some thought in it, and he probably thinks with his knowledge as a detective he could get away with it! I would look up how to contact the internal affairs department that oversees the Millville police, because you can’t be sure contacting his department you would be taken seriously! You should have this on record. So if any “accidents” happened to either you or his wife, there is record of the threats this detective has made!

  8. There’s no good luck. Keith is a disgusting sex addict. It’s well known in Millville. The most amusing part is someone thinking the wife doesn’t know or isn’t informed of his behavior already! She knows he’s a cheating pig has no self esteem for herself and doesn’t care simply put. The problem should at that point remain with the wife of the writer. It takes two to cheat and risking your own safety in the first place isn’t worth the unfaithful partner when there’s one out there waiting to be right with you

  9. I know him beings im from millville and i saw him with another woman in 2000 and it wasnt his wife…my bf at the time told me he knew him for yrs and hes alwsys been a nasty prick..btw this story sounfs famaliar and i think i no who this is…..

  10. Gross. I hate cops like him who give good ones a bad name. He deserves to lose his badge and to have his ass kicked! He sounds like a corrupt asshole who abuses his power.
    If he finds his way to the page I hope he reads this:
    Hey Keith, you are a pig! A low life, scum sucking dipshit who hides behind his badge! Do us all a favor and turn in your badge! Jerk!

  11. I came here hoping to see the, “don’t blame the guy, blame your wife, she’s the one who made vows to you” comments…like are on the other site…but you people disappoint!!!


    • I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THE SAME FUCKING THING. Every single comment on shesahomewrecker is people being like, “Blame your husband! He’s the one who cheated! You’re just a bitter, butthurt wife! Oh, and you’re also fat and ugly!”, and I come here and it’s all full of support for the people complaining about the men fucking their wives. Enormous double-standard.

    • Have patience….this site is only a few days old. Don’t worry, your wish will be granted. Jezebel has a new article, and the writer did everything in her power to cast a negative light on this site, so it’s guaranteed; The ignoramus will come in flocks LOL

  12. I think the husband/victim played it smart and covered his ass quite well :) his story is now on here for the world to read so this cheating pig better pray to god nothing happens to this OP or he’s gonna be the #1 suspect. Cops like these are disgusting. and sadly there’s one in every town! the current wife of this loser should run like hell and never look back and this OP should dump his wife. If she’ll put your safety at risk she doesn’t give two shit about u. sad but true.

    • I agree. Stay safe, husband. This is so disturbing.

      On a different note, is it just me or are the husband victims putting the ladies to shame with the detective work and the organization and planning and gathering evidence? First it was the husband from the Craigh story and now this? COME ON LADIES get your acts together!

      One last thing. Scornednbitter, check this out on YouTube. Seriously.

      Go check it out now. You won’t regret it.

        • Have y’all been back on she’s a HW? It keeps crashing but we have got HW coming on different post and commenting…it’s getting crazy. They are really bashing the wife too. Need help over there y’all:))

          • I’m having a hard time coz it keeps crashing on me too. I’m getting so far behind coz the email notifications aren’t working hahaha. Stupid jezebel and the traffic it’s causing!!!! LMAO I’m like seriously having withdrawals hahaha

          • I’m trying bff’s but it’s barely letting me on there and when I can get the comment window up I get an error msg before it posts…grrr. It been doing this for days and I’m not getting the notifications on anything but the guys. I’m trying Betty and Joy :) get the bitches for me too lol

  13. You’re a big PUSSY dude. The cop tells you he’s going to shoot you and make it look like an accident and you leave it at that? You deserve everything you get for having zero spine

    • You’re on the wrong website dude. This is The place you’re looking for is spelled like this:


      When u go there, click on the “self help” tab. Look for the “online courses” button and click on it. The self help course you’re looking for is called “Compensating 101: Enormous egos for teenie weenies.”

  14. I honestly dont know whats more disturbing, the wife knowing that he is a cheating pig and still sleeps with him, possibly get a std? the wife knowing he wishes she would fall overboard and still be with this pos? or the fact that everyone knows, and its ok? disgusting low self-steem pigs, all involved!

  15. Everyone is do quick to bash O’Brien’s wife. Women have been staying with cheating husbands since the beginning of time & cheating cops is nothing new! I believe they have children & perhaps she getting all her ducks in row or maybe like so many, she sees her marriage as a business arrangement that she has invested heavily. Maybe she just doesnt love him enough to care if it means giving up a certain lifestyle, the wife & kids almost always suffer if there is a divorce. Whatever, its her business & her choice but surely she didnt know he was wishing her dead. Low is the woman who lays with another woman’s man. I’d like to know that skanks name so we can give her what she has earned, A scarlet letter! lol

    • Hey OP can we expect to see your wife/ex on anytime soon? Now that both sites are up and running it seems only fair that she get her fifteen minutes too LOL


    • Nicole pay them no mind. The wife bashing comments towards the OP’s wife are spot on, but there is always a handful of assholes who wanna place the blame on the victims (your mom, the op and even the children). It looks to me like your mom and the OP need to have lunch and compare notes bc I do believe he will be a valuable asset should your mom choose to divorce this pig. And if your mom found out about him being such a lying cheating piece of trash bc of this post then I’m sure her world has been turned upside down. If she wishes to add to this story we’d love to hear from her. Most men and women who visit this site have been in her shoes and can offer some decent advice. Best of luck to your mom and the OP, unfortunately they are both victims of this selfish prick.

  17. Your Mom, Nina commented above ” Sorry to disappoint all of you but no need to email me or send it to my work…I have known this for a while now. Sorry to disappoint…”

    So did she know or did she not know? Does she still want the proof??

    Why do I have a funny feeling that the cheating husband, Keith typed in that comment from his wife’s account so proof wouldn’t be mailed??????

    • She had a feeling but never had hard proof, she knows of this website but prefers to stay out of the light with this situation, its a family matter and will remain that. Thank you scornd and bitter for your concern but I keep an eye on the page and tell her what she needs to know and I doubt she will engage in conversation with anyone but the husband that posted this about kieth. My mom needs to meet or atleast talk to the husband of kieths “girlfriend”.

      • Hang on, I’m confused. Let me get this straight. Your Mom, married Keith after having an affair with him while he was married to or in a relationship with another woman (Cindy Brownlow) right? And your Mom knew this? I’m sorry but I can’t feel bad for her if this is true because she is one of Karma’s bitches when it comes back on her. Once a cheater – always a cheater n’ all that jazz. I do feel bad that he threated to throw her off a cruise ship, that is really wrong! But being HW in the first place doesn’t make you a victim, it just makes you stupid. If I have this wrong, then my apologies to you.

  18. Want to let his wife know what’s going on? Send her an anonymous note telling her to do an internet search on her husband’s name, and check out all options. This site will pop up and she will get the info. As much as you’d like to go face-to-face, don’t. This jerk is arrogant and in a position of authority, and would probably not hesitate to cross the line.

  19. Soooooo many wrongs in all of this!!!! Wow! Innocent children who will suffer due to grown people actions! To the man that posted this apparently ur house was not in order cuz if it was ur wife would not of been out picking up TRASH!!!! As far as the “Homewrecker ” is concerned……..u can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a PIG!!!! Trust me I could go on n on as far that one is concerned! As for the wife of the pig…. Well I am not a fan n never have been but hey….she chose to marry this idiot ! Not seeing the pity party for her as she is not the nicest person either. I think she should just get on her broom n fly away….. In the end there r no winners here….

  20. nicole, just a few things cuz im a lil confused, if someone googles Kieth they will find ALOT about him, he was in an accident, he launched a lawsuit against the city, the was honored by Americas Most Wanted (which was crazy to me), so apparently he is retired, no longer a cop, but there are alot of posts on here from people from millville, why would ur mother stay if she knows, she can get him into trouble for all this, unless the man posting it is lying about this or hiding something, some things just dont make any sense.

  21. To the husband who got burned, I’m sorry your wife wasn’t classy enough to actually be faithful. I’m not even gona bash you saying something was wrong at home to make her go out looking. About the wife of the asshole, whether she knew or not is void, its her business to why she stuck around if she knew. It is something she will have to live with in the end, either way she is still a victim. About the prick, he is worthless and will end up getting kicked in the ass by karma. He made his bed and soon he will and the cheating wife will have to lay in the beds they made…… Everyone says to the husband that was cheated on, that he needs to drop the cheating wife and I full heartedly agree! You don’t deserve to be with someone who would willingly do something like this even after hearing the shit the prick was talking. Murder is NOT funny or a game! Hope for your sake this asshole losses his job or whatever it is he has, soon….. Good luck to you hun, praying for the ones who have been wronged.

  22. Omg. He works as a security guard at my place of employment. He has come onto me a couple times. Guess he finally got the hint after the last time. He is beyond a pervert. I will also state that a coworker and friend of mine slept with him recently, (before he came onto me). Lets just say she has a dr. Appointment to get herself checked after seeing this site.

  23. Kathy Tilton has a lot of nerve to talk about cheaters.. You did nothing but fuck scumbags behind Lee’s back. You’re a dirtbag yourself so shut you’re pie hole already. You do nothing but trash everyone else but take a look in the mirror you POS dirty slut. Should we talk about J.P. Kathy? You know my ex boyfriend.. yeah I didn’t think so you scumbag trash!!

  24. This is why Millville is such fucking blatant trash. God you’re all niggers, and fucking trash talking for what???? You all live in the same shithole of a town.. Everyone from Millville knows/is related to/is fucking/has a wife or husband thast sucking & fucking on someone else. Go back to your crack pipes, white trash hicks.

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