Ken Currier Nottingham, New Hampshire

My story begins in August 2010. I met a girl and fell in love with her. She had been through a lot in life and had a wild side. I calmed her down, took her in my home. Shortly after the relationship began she became pregnant with twins. I questioned whether or not I was the father but I felt they were mine.

My job in US Army forces relocated me very quickly after we began dating. I took my wife with me because she was homeless and really had no one. Long story short I married her and we had a whirlwind romance. She got in church devoted herself and her issues to The Lord and she became an amazing wife and mother. Our marriage was amazing and things went great until this scum bag came into the picture. She had been “friends” with him before we were together. When I met her she was homeless and had no one I really have no idea where these friends where. In any case this scum bag got himself thrown in jail. My wife changed instantly she would sit and write him letters almost daily mail him money etc. I knew she cared for him more than a friend but I ignored it.

We moved back home in April, which is the exact time this scum bag got out if jail. I had made some mistakes in the marriage but we were working on it. She hung out with him. I was dumb enough to allow her and our twins to sleep at his house, well actually his parents’ house. One day she came home and told me that she’s in love with him and wants to be with him and we separated he broke up with her weeks later and she came running back to me I took pity on her and tried to work it out. We lasted about three months her mind and heart was on someone else she even called me the wrong name during sex. Even though she tried to convince me nothing was going on. I knew there was and broke it off and have found someone that I am happy with.

They tried again recently, he broke it off and I had to find her after an attempt at suicide. This man ruined my marriage and he just wanted a piece of ass. My wife is very naive and I’m sure that he told her that he loved her and all kinds of bs. During the phase where the two of them claimed to be friends this man looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and even had the nerve to attend my kids’ birthday party. I am 90 percent sure something was going on. I’m also sure that he prayed on my wife’s naïve-ness. If this man starts hanging around your wife or girlfriend watch out. He has no problems destroying families and hurting everyone involved. My wife has no one has far as friends and family are concerned. She is now left alone and I can’t go back to her, even though it’s hard.

She will also be exposed at a later date. I think most of the problem was this man that couldn’t stay away from a married woman and destroyed lives. I am a soldier Sargent first class and this trash was a specialist for the National Guard. That also bothers me soldiers should never mess with another soldiers wife.



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25 thoughts on “Ken Currier Nottingham, New Hampshire

  1. Thank you for your service and I am sorry she ripped your heart out after you cared for her when no one else wanted her. Some men and women know no boundaries. Good luck to you

  2. he looks like Mr. Bean. you are better off without her, hon. be strong for your girls. show them the type of man they need in their lives.

  3. You’re a fucking idiot! Kick his fucking ass and kick your whore wife on the street. Do something about it or shut the fuck up, you big pussy! Why would you come on this web site and cry like a little girl? Be a man for gods sake!

    • FYI… Thats what he partially did , left his wife but of course he did not kick his ass because he has 2 kids to take care of and be responsible…

    • Are you seriously calling someone whom served this country a big pussy? Smack your mom for raising you wrong. She really dropped the ball. Plus your the one talking shit hiding behind a computer screen. If your not a pussy what’s your real name?

  4. You are stupid as fuck… have emotional issues. You said yourself that before you married her and before the army PCSd you that you felt she wasn’t in love. And you felt the twins weren’t yours. Nigga why did you marry her. You had some issues yourself. And it’s called a DNA test my dude. Also ain’t no wife of mine sitting in OUR house at OUR tablessed writing another motherfucker and sending him OUR money. She would have had to get the fuck out then bro. The only smart thing you have done is let those two slum buckets have each other and don’t talk to her ass. Good luck on the new marriage guy. Hope you keep your need wife satisfied enough to the point where she doesn’t want to open her legs to a jailbird. #Hooah #OverAndOut

  5. I’m sorry for what you have been through. I may be very wrong but something tells me that your wife is gorgeous and/or have T&A going on.

    • Workin on things not totally taken back. She’s not a nasty hoe this guy and his entire family is trash and she got sucked into it.

  6. This homerecker is a crazy mommies boy,matter a fact it was his mommy who started to set them up along with his crazy sister inlaw! this man (and i use that losley)has a greater love in his life(drugs).Currier don’t care about woman,he cares what he can get out of them only. “when things get tough,The tough get going” BUT this guy just tries to fake a suiside attempt. Currier likes to always be the center of attention,even if the attention is negative. “mommy she don’t like me anymore,what do i do now”?OH YA I’LL DO SUBOXON AND STEAL MORE PERC’S! (even though thats what got me in jail last time……)! My name is Ken,i am sensative,kind and sneeky.I will treat you like a object. Seeking those on a rebound.(if this is you ,i’m your huckleberry boy).

  7. cola,thats a joke. this currier junkie cant have kids! Just ask his x-wife? lmao, all his drug use made him sterile.

  8. ha,ha, lmfao. this guy (ken currier) really looks like mr.Bean.Its so funny you say that….But more important is… If he’s in the National Gards, please do the country a favor and get out we dont wish harm to our great men & woman that truly serve this country for the right reasons.Please will you not risk life’s by using drugs,it not only hurts you ken currier but your family too.Its said that he has been in rehab 3xs,gone 2 jail for stealing drugs of a elderly naihbor, it is said that he tried suicide a few times also,ask his Xwife? if any of this is true, BEWARE! home-wrecking/cheeting will be the least of your problems.

  9. 413, You are so right about your girl getting sucked in.I have heard about that family,thay are well known for being tricksters,sneeks and drug users.One of the sons played me too,I felt sad for the story i was told and gave comfort only to be used and pushed away like a piece of rotten meat. SOOO MEAN, thats not how a person is treated. (I have feelings too).

  10. I’ve been in your shoes. My husband cheated on me with a reservist (they were both in the CG). It’s tough and I’m sorry you had to go through the same. Thank you for your service and wishing you the best. Big hugs to you. I exposed the slut (I found out from her husband that she cheated before).

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