Monawar Jones Bangor, Michigan

Well, I have already exposed the woman, I feel it’s his turn. I was on and off with this man 13 yrs. This wasn’t the first time he cheated. But him and his whore Melinda worked at the same place. She’s married, by the way, so they not only wrecked my home, they wrecked her’s. I found out about this relationship months later. They are still together, being talked about like clowns because she looks nasty & walks around in a pink wig. I am now happy & moving on with my life. Just didn’t feel right only exposing Melinda Williams and not Monawar Jones. Thank you.


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10 thoughts on “Monawar Jones Bangor, Michigan

  1. Yall can stop perpetrating, like for real.

    You know dam well this site is not about to do the numbers like shesahomewrecker, simply
    because you continue to take the loose bastards for husbands back and then have
    the nerve to put the female on blast with naked pics that HE accepted from her, text messages that HE accepted from her, and whatever else yall do. Do everyone a world a favor and stop marrying this selfish, cheating bastards because trust if he is old enough to marry, he is old enough not to changes his ways. Be a real woman, suck that shit up and move the fuck on, fragile asses.

    • Agreed, the lack of new stories on here is proof that the women are either taking these losers back and/or are afraid of the men . They should be warning other women to stay away from these cheaters, even if they are still married to them! Otherwise what’s to stop these jerks from doing it again? Their word? Puleeeze……….

  2. Oh wow really sounds like bitter ppl lol fyi I have like I said didnt feel right exposing her & not him. & another thing when the hoe was exposed this site wasnt up & running. These skanks must be friends of your for you to be defending trash like this. But thank you for reading at least we know you arent to busy to visit a site you so think is stupid & wanna talk shit about. Dont like it dont look.

  3. Why are there so many mean comments towards the poster? If you get upset about her story you can fuck yourself and your mom for all I care! Don’t like it don’t read it. Weak ass females?Maggie are you a cum guzzling whore? Probably to be so rude

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